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Air India has received considerable attention this year for all the right reasons. As Air India launches country’s first Airbus, the A350 900, in December, the airline started domestic operations with the advanced jet on January 22nd. However, the inclusion of this jet in the Air India fleet signals the airline’s resurgence and commitment to excellence.

Additionally, Airbus A350-900 is on display at Wings India 2024 in Hyderabad. As a result, it was a major draw for aviation enthusiasts from all over the nation during the event. Consequently, the attendees delighted the internet community by posting a photo of the aircraft’s interior on social media.

When Will The First Airbus A350 900 From India Begin Flying Internationally?

Air India’s first Airbus A350-900 is set to commence international operations by mid-2024. Moreover, Air India will deploy the plane on foreign routes to enhance its passengers’ experience. So it is being used initially for crew familiarization on domestic routes. By introducing this A350, the airline is making a significant advancement in its fleet modernization. After all, the A350 is a part of Air India’s broader plan to take on leading Gulf-based airlines in the long-haul travel segment.

The airline intends to focus on increasing the number of flights on the USA-India route. Furthermore, Air India is already a leading airline, offering nonstop flights from USA to India and vice versa. With the A350s added to its fleet, the airline aims to further elevate the passenger experience. Thus, when the Airbus A350 is operational on the USA to India route, you can find the best airfare using our flight deals to book cheap flights and personally experience the sleek interiors of the Airbus A350-900.

Features And Configuration of the A350 Cabin

There are three cabin configurations in the A350: business, premium economy, and economy. Furthermore, it features larger windows, more spacious cabins, mood lighting, and cutting-edge entertainment systems. In addition, the A350 business class offers private suites with Ferragamo amenity kits, high-definition touchscreens, and direct aisle access.

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Refreshed in-flight Experience on Air India Flights

As Air India launches country’s first Airbus, the A350 900, marking the start of a new era for the airline. The airline has introduced several new items, including chinaware, glassware, cutlery, blankets, and bed linens. On the other hand, the new Air India brand identity, revealed in August of last year, serves as the model for these additions. However, passengers traveling on international routes will have the opportunity to purchase the new amenity kits. In short, the company plans to initiate the full rollout in mid-2024 when the A350 is expected to commence operating international commercial flights.

In addition to marking the start of a new era for Air India, the Airbus A350 900 acts as a spur for further growth. Above all, Air India wishes to reestablish itself as a premier international airline, which it will accomplish by prioritizing innovation, passenger comfort, and excellence.


The launch of the A350-900 is only the beginning. In fact, Air India has ambitious plans to add more of these aircraft to its fleet, broadening its reach and providing premium services in new markets. Last but not least, this is more than just a new plane; it represents a new chapter for Air India, Indian aviation, and India’s global connectivity. So buckle your seatbelts as Air India’s A350-900 takes off, and book your last minute flights with us now. On the other hand, stay tuned to our website, Surffares for the most recent information, and use us to reserve inexpensive international flights.

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