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Foreign trips are a gateway to exploring new places. When it comes to visiting new places, each traveler has certain likes and dislikes which define his travel itinerary. Planning a holiday or a short visit to a foreign country requires certain prerequisites that need to be completed. Another dimension to travel is added if a pet accompanies the person. Travel expenses for a dog or a cat on an international flight or a domestic flight have to be taken into consideration. Air India Pet Policy has certain dos and don’ts that one needs to follow while carrying a pet out of India.

Travel Plans with a pet?

Sometimes professional requirements entail that a person travels to different cities in one’s own country or different countries depending upon the work profile. If one plans to go on foreign vacations with family members or friends then the travel itinerary has to be planned differently. The travel plans take a different note when one intends to travel with one’s pet to a new country.

  • The safety of the pet during the flight, the paperwork that is required, cost of air travel with the pet are certain queries that bother the owner of the pet.
  • Although it is time-consuming to go through the instructions issued by different airlines pertaining to Pet Travel Policy, it is prudent to follow the flight’s pet policy.
  • Whether one travels by Air India, Lufthansa or Etihad airways, or other domestic flights, one should adhere to the pet travel policy.

Understanding the pet policy of airlines is of paramount importance. If you have plans to travel by Air India and a pet is accompanying you then the following article is a must-read. Transportation of dogs or cats is a tedious process that requires certain documentation and paperwork which needs to be completed beforehand. Air India’s Pet Policy has to be read thoroughly and thereafter one needs to comply with the stipulated regulations.

How can I travel with my pet in India? 

Can I take my pet to Air India?

Will my pet be comfortable and safe on the flight?

These are some questions that bother you. Therefore, Air India’s International pet policy has certain rules and policies that one needs to adhere to strictly. There are two policies that one needs to choose and then follow, namely Air India’s Policy for the Carriage of Pets on Domestic Flights and Air India’s Policy for the Carriage of Pets on International Flights.

To make your travel plans hassle-free, go through Air India’s International pet policy which is discussed here.

  • Pets including dogs, cats, birds (Household birds category), etc. having a valid health and vaccination certificate and are in a proper crate are allowed on Air India’s International flights.
  • Under the policy of carriage of pets on an international flight it is mentioned that entry permits and other documents required by countries of entry and/or transit will provisionally be accepted for carriage and these are subject to the carrier’s norms and regulations.
  • It is clearly stated that passengers who intend to import or export pets into or from India or another country as baggage need to adhere to regulations.
  • Before the onset of their travel plan, it is mandatory that these passengers obtain a No Objection Certificate / Pre-import Clearance from Animal Quarantine & Certification Service (AQCS) in India.

To enhance your understanding of Air India’s travel policy about pets, it is suggested that you click on the following link

Another important point is passengers who have obtained the clearance and permission certificates from Animal Quarantine & Certification Service – India (AQCS) for transportation of pets into/out of the country is possible only via six(6) Airports in India. These airports are Mumbai (BOM)/ DELHI (DEL) / KOLKATA (CCU)/ HYDERABAD (HYD)/ CHENNAI (MAA) / BANGALORE (BLR) /. The entry or exit of pets has to be carried only from the above-mentioned list in India as stated in the Air India Pet Policy.


Under Air India Pet Policy for International travel, pet owners have to ensure that their pets are properly created and have a health certificate issued by the country of origin. The health certificate should state that the pet should be free of any infectious and contagious diseases such as Rabies, Leptospirosis, etc. The airline staff will facilitate the transport of the pet if the pet owner has complied with all the rules pertaining to Pet Carriage Policy.

  • A maximum of two animals or pets are allowed as checked baggage. A service dog is allowed per aircraft contingent on health documentation and a No Objection Certificate. The above rule is followed by all flights.
  • A cat or dog which is three months old or older has to be mandatorily vaccinated against Rabies for more than one month. The vaccination should have been done within 12 months before the actual boarding. These details have to be officially certified in the Health certificate.
  • The owner’s name should be correctly mentioned on the health certificate and should match the name details on the ticket to establish ownership. Additionally, the passenger’s booking reference should state that he/she will travel with the Pet.
  • The Pet owners need to pay an additional charge for the dog or cat that they intend to transport. It will not fall under Free Baggage Allowance although the passenger might not have any other baggage except for Guide/ Service Dogs. The rules of the baggage system are applicable for example weight or piece, for transport of accompanied pets. The weight of the pet including the container and the food items carried per container will be charged.

A Service dog or a trained guide dog is allowed as a pet in the cabin if the pet is muzzled and leashed and the documentation is complete with regard to Pet Import Regulations. Also, the Commander’s approval is required for the above process. Air India’s staff will not be held responsible in case the pet is refused entry into a passage through any other country.

 Another point to be understood is the transport of pets is not allowed in the Cabin or Hold on Ultra Long Haul (ULH) Sectors (Direct Flights). Only the service dog is allowed in the cabin to accompany and assist the deaf or blind person. Lastly, Air India has no provision to transport emotional support animals on its flight.

Hoping that the above article will familiarize you with Air India’s Pet Policy and will further assist you to plan your journey accordingly.

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