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At 30,000 feet above, when the cabin lights dim, and the hum of the engine’s signals begin the journey, we are all preparing for a culinary adventure. Airplane food is always the subject of fascination, discussion, and even criticism among travelers taking flights to India.

There are many facts and myths about airplane food in a traveler’s mind. For example, some travelers believe that their flight meal tray will contain only some tasteless and bland offerings.

But is it so? Let’s delve more into some information about your flight food and explore some facts and myths about your flight dine-in experience.

Does Airplane Food Taste Different?

Most people experience a difference in the taste of food on the airplane. But don’t blame the airplane chef for this! It’s your taste buds who are responsible for the change in taste.

In the airplane cabin on USA to India flights, your taste buds do not receive the usual taste. It happens because of low humidity, pressure, and huge engine noise.

Airline are well aware of this issue. So, their chefs work hard to improve the taste by adding seasoning. Interestingly, most airlines provide sound-canceling headphones onboard. Do you know why?

These headphones can minimize the effect of engine noise and improve the taste of food to some extent. That’s why you might not like paneer kofta or any Indian thali on your flights to India.

Myths About Airplane Food

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Now that you know it’s your taste buds that are responsible for the bland taste of the food, let’s explore some common myths and facts about airplane food.

Myth #1 – Airplane Food Is Always Tasteless

Well, not all airlines serve you with tasteless foods. In fact, on some of your USA to India flights, you’ll taste the best food of your lifetime. Some airlines have world-class chefs. You only need to do a little research before you pick your choice of travel.

Myth #2 – Airplane Meals Are Unhealthy

If you are skeptical about traveling through the air because you believe you’ll not be served with something healthy, you’re wrong! You’ll be able to find your preferred meal choice on the plane.

Myth #3 – Airplane Food Gets Prepared On-Board

Most of the airlines have on-ground caterers. So, don’t be worried that your food on your flights to India will be prepared at a very high altitude.

Interesting Facts About Airplane Food

Let’s now take a look at some interesting facts about airplane food.

Fact #1 – Chefs Design In-flight Menus

You don’t need to consume only what’s served in your meal tray on your USA to India flights. As mentioned, most airlines have great chefs who prepare in-fight menus for you. So, you can always order what you like from the menu!

Fact #2 – Special Dietary Options Available

You’ll also have plenty of special dietary choices when it comes to ordering your meals. Many gourmet options give you a taste of luxury on your journey.

Since we are discussing the top facts and myths about airplane food, let’s also know if you should order your favorite food from the menu.

Does Champagne Taste Different On An Airplane?

Champagne Taste Different On An Airplane

The traveler’s excitement drops because their favorite champagne and beer don’t taste the same on their flights to India.

It’s a law that liquids expand and contract due to changing atmospheric pressure at different altitudes. For this, airlines spend dollars to test alcoholic beverages by professional testers. So, it might be worth ordering a glass of your favorite alcoholic beverage on the air.

Is Tomato Juice Unhealthy On The Airplane?

Tomato juice is something travelers love to drink. There’s a scientific reason behind it. In the aircraft cabins, passengers crave acidity and saltiness. Tomato juice is perfect for satisfying this craving.

You can consider tomato juice a healthier food option on the USA to India flights.

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In-flight dining has come a long way from many stereotypical myths. Today, your flights no longer include tasteless or rubbery meals. There might be a little change in the taste of food on the airplane. These foods taste different because of changes in atmosphere, altitude, and many other logistical constraints.

However, airlines are actively working hard to make food more enjoyable and give you the best culinary experience. So the next time you take flights to India, take a moment and appreciate the efforts of your airline chef for creating your meals and making your journey more delightful.

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