Top Airports in the World: The Quintessential Traveler’s Guide


Travelers dislike delays and layovers. However, a long layover at one of the best airports in the world may not be so tiresome after all! In the past decade, the preference of travelers have changed, and air travel has gained much popularity.

Hence, top airports around the world have undergone renovations to attract more tourists and ease travel hassles.

If you are an avid traveler, you might want to pay a visit to these mesmerizing, palatial airports around the world.

Top Airports in the World: A Closer Look 

Let’s take a look at some of the top airports in the world where you can look forwards to an unforgettable layover experience. These top airports have everything from iridescent waterfalls to opulent retail stores.

1. Hamad International Airport , Doha

Hamad International Airport , Doha

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Hamad International Airport recently topped the 2022 World Airport Awards. Doha, the capital city of Qatar, attracted much fanfare for hosting the 2022 FIFA Worldcup. After the completion of the airport extension project, DOH emerged as one of the top airports in the world, with best-in-class amenities. As a part of the renovation, a tropical garden called ORCHARD was built at the center of the airport. It is home to over 300 trees and 25,000 plants, sustainably sourced from forests across the globe.

The airport has more than 65 retail outlets along with 20+ fine dining restaurants serving diverse cuisines from around the world. The airport even boats a luxurious hotel for those on a layover.

2. Singapore Changi Airport

Singapore Changi Airport

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Singapore airport has popularly been referred to as one of the best in the world due to its world-class amenities and infrastructure. This is predominantly due to the airport renovation project that began in 2014 and lasted till 2019, costing USD 1.7 billion.

Singapore airport is best known for its stunning 1.4 million square foot complex known as Jewel. This complex features a spectacular indoor waterfall, a plethora of retail and fine dining outlets, and viridescent gardens. The ethereal architecture of the airport and its fine amenities have made it one of the best in the world.

3. Tokyo Haneda International Airport

Tokyo Haneda International Airport

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Tokyo Haneda Airport, previously known as Tokyo International Airport, is a 5-star airport. It is known for adhering to the highest amenities, infrastructure, and maintenance standards. It is the operations hub for Japan Airlines, Skymark Airlines, Skynet Airlines, Nippon Airways, and Air Do. The airport also offers a shutter between the domestic and international terminals.

Passengers have diverse choices regarding cafes, restaurants, and retail outlets. The airport also offers facilities such as a dental clinic, a hairdressing salon, as well as luggage lockers. These are disability-friendly, with wheelchair accessibility, hearing loops, and designated parking spots.

4. Seoul Incheon Airport

Seoul Incheon Airport

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This airport is yet another strong contender for the spot among the top airports in the world. It is one of the three airports of Seoul, the other two being Gimpo International and Seoul Airbase. The airport offers all the modern amenities to passengers, such as currency exchange, ATMs, internet zones, bars, restaurants, and duty-free outlets. It is estimated that, on average, around 70 million passengers visit this airport annually. It is also the largest airport in South Korea.
The airport offers tourist cultural attractions, such as the change of the guard ceremony, a Gugak concert, a walk of the royal family, Korean traditional cultural experience centers, relic display centers, LED media walls, and many others.

5. New Istanbul Airport

New Istanbul Airport

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Considering its stunning infrastructure and amenities, this airport is one of the world’s top airports. It is one of the busiest airports in Europe, and its formal inauguration was completed in 2018. The airport has two magnificent art galleries: the Ara Güler Exhibition and the Victory Monument Exhibition.

During a layover, you can also unwind at the opulent lounges of the airport. These include the IGA Lounge, the Turkish Miles & Smiles Lounge, the Turkish Airlines Domestic Lounge, and the Turkish Airlines Business Lounge. Alternatively, you can enjoy a quick meal from the many restaurants or fast food chains in the airport, such as Popeyes, Burger king, or Starbucks.

6. Dubai International Airport

Dubai International Airport

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DXB offers a variety of leisurely options to keep yourself busy during a layover. The airport has more than 130 restaurants and cafés serving cuisines from across the globe. Whether you are craving sushi or some Indian kebabs, you can find it all at Dubai International airport. Giraffe World Kitchen, Noodle House, Caviar House & Prunier are some must-try restaurants.

You can also enjoy a peaceful nap at Marhaba’s airport lounges for just AED 195. The lounges have facilities ranging from WiFi and televisions to showers. Alternatively, you can visit the Zen garden or enjoy a pampering session at one of the airport spas. You can enjoy a Swedish massage for about AED 750 and an aroma massage for AED 450.

7. Charles De Gaulle Airport

Charles De Gaulle Airport

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Owing to Paris’s long legacy as the artist’s paradise, it’s no wonder that Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport should find itself on this list.

One of the must-do things on a layover at Paris airport is to try the food. Even if you cannot leave the airport, there are various choices available inside the airport.

You can visit Paul for a whiff of Paris’s famous pâtisserie, or try multi-hued macaroons at Laduree. Once you have satiated your craving for authentic French cuisine, you can unwind at a lounge by purchasing a lounge pass.

You can also shop for French brands such as YSL and Chanel. You might also enjoy the exhibitions of famous locations, such as the Palace of Versailles, at the airport. The airport also features what is known as Instant Paris.

This attraction is replete with the live broadcast of sporting events, library publications in various languages, and a VR view of the streets of Paris and the Eiffel tower. So you don’t even need to step outside the airport to get a good glimpse of Paris!

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If you are a travel enthusiast, you must visit these top airports in the world at least once. You are sure to fall even deeper in love with traveling once you witness the resplendence of their stunning architecture.

With renovations becoming rampant, more airports could find a spot in the list of the top airports in the world in the coming years. These airports are sufficient to satiate a traveler’s longing for new experiences.

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