Learn About the Culture-Rich and Contrasting Indian Festivals -Through April


India is a reverie place that lets you enjoy the ethos of some of the most vibrant festivities on the planet. From the pulsating color shows to cultural fares, from loud music parties to gentle prayers, Indians exult every festival with no shortage of pomp and show.

Every month hosts a myriad of festivals and April is no exclusion. If you are traveling to India, get ready for the ultimate spring centenaries as the country immerses in the divine essence of various cultural activities.

Though the dates of the festivals keep changing every year, the spirit of unity and religiousness remains the same.

Festivals on April 2nd, 2022, Saturday

* Ugadi – New Year in Karnataka, Telangana& Andhra Pradesh

Experience the reconstruction of the day when the universe was created on Ugadi. Lord Brahama, formed the world on this day.

* GudiPadwa – New Year in Maharashtra, Goa and the Union territory of Daman

Immerse in the joyful ride as India cheers the coronation of Rama after his return to Ayodhya. It might sound similar to Diwali but is not.

* Navreh – New Year in Kashmir

It is the day when the Kashmiri Pandits pay tribute to their beloved Goddess Sharika. The date is set as per the first lunar cycle of the year.

* Cheti Chand – New Year in Rajasthan (for Sindhis)

As per the Sindhi Community,Cheti Chand is celebrated to pay tribute to the birth of Uderolal in 1007 which gave them independence from Muslim ruler Mirkhshah.

* ChaitraShukladi

New Year is observed in major states of North India including Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Haryana.

* SajibuCheiraoba – New Year in Manipur

Manipuri people follow the rituals and enjoy believing that a good beginning leads to a great end on this day.

Festivals on April 13th, 2022, Wednesday

* Buisu – New Year in Tripura (begins on 13th Apr and ends on 14th Apr)

Marks the first day of Vaishakh Month and a beginning celebrated with high enthusiasm in every house.

* Bizhu – New Year in Mizoram and parts of Arunachal Pradesh, Tripura & Assam – Chakma People (begins on 13th Apr and ends on 14th Apr)

Rejoices the final parts of the harvesting season in the areas through the means of Sanskranti festivities.

* Sangken – New Year in Arunachal Pradesh and parts of Assam (begins on 13th Apr and ends on 15th Apr)

Thetraditionalnew yearis as per the Buddhist community. Also marks the beginning of the Southeast Asian Solar New Year.

Festivals on April 14th, 2022, Thursday

* Baisakhi – New Year in Punjab

Beginning of the Sikh New Year and celebrates the foundation of the Khalsa Panth warriors in 1699 led by Guru Gobind Singh.

* Puthandu – New Year in Tamil Nadu

Tamil households start afresh on this day while enjoying sweets, herbal baths and decorations. The day also marks the beginning of the Tamil ShakaSamvata.

* BohagBihu – New Year in Assam (begins on 14th Apr and ends on 16th Apr)

Combination of feasts and singing festivities in Assam. It also signifies the arrival of the spring season in the area.

* Bwisagu – New Year in Bodoland (begins on 14th Apr and ends on 16th Apr)

Denotes the importance of religion and agriculture in the country. The festival is an important aspect that keeps the ties between Bodo people strong.

* PanaSankranti – New Year in Odisha

The day when the legendary Hindu Lord Hanuman took birth. The temples are revered and the religiousness is spread across the Odio community of India.

* BisuParba – New Year of Tulunadu in Karnataka & Kerala

Believed to be a holy day when something good can be commenced to get favorable results. The BisuParba is devoted to the worship of mother nature.

* JurSital – New Year in Bihar and Jharkhand (Mithila region)

Highlights the first day of the Maithili New Year. Steamed rice is eaten with joy and shows on this very day.

Festivals on April 15th, 2022, Friday

* Vishu – New Year in Kerala

Probably the oldest festival of all, Vishu has been celebrated since 844AD. On this day, Lord Krishna removed evil from the planet by killing Narakasura.

* PahelaBaishakh – New Year in West Bengal

Are the new year for merchants and they start their accounting on a good spiritual note. The festival is celebrated with great feasts and shows in the Bengal Community.


The month of April holds a high significance in the Hindu mythology calendar. It marks the beginning of most religions’ New Year and gives a chance to people for starting afresh with new resolutions and dedication.

Though the celebration styles or reasons for celebrations could be different for these festivals, their purpose remains the same-to bring peace of mind, devote you to the worship of the god, and enhance the feeling of brotherhood.

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