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Planning your travel ahead saves you from paying high prices at the last minute. It’s always wise to book your flights at least 4-8 weeks earlier because this gives you access to multiple options and cheapest deals.

Few other things to keep in mind while searching for your flights online are as follows:

1. Be Flexible

Flexibility of dates can get you maximum discounts. It’s not fixed how much can be saved on which day to be flexible about your dates.

You will experience a tremendous change in your on airfares with this option. You may see days that are mostly cheaper, like midweek, so plan your holiday in such a way that you can travel on these days. Stop over on a city on your route to make the most of your vacation.

2. Peak Season Travel

Peak season travel is mostly an expensive affair. Booking these flights is only profitable if you know a flight booking service that’s there for years and has the best research tools to get the lowest fares.

Few travelers tend to make their plans for the time when prices won’t be high. You got it right. Like during  Christmas most airlines offer lower prices.

If you plan to book for the summer season that’s at hand, get in touch with Surffares as we have the best airfares available currently. Explore summer deals before prices go up for the upcoming season.  

3. Use your loyalty points

The benefit of sticking to one travel booking service or one payment system is that you earn loyalty points for every booking.

Planning in advance gives you time to know offers on your credit cards, and the ones being offered by your favorite flight booking service. Encash those points to get more discount on your travel and save maximum on airfares.

4. Don’t miss the price alerts

It will be more tiresome to keep checking various sites and search tools ro get the lowest price. Better you set your alerts to get the lowest cost for a destination and connect with them as soon as you see your favorit deal.

You can just leave a query on their contact form and they will get back to you with the offer you look for. Online travel agencies are prompt and experienced to get you the most effective offers in the least time.

It will save you the search and a lot of time that you may either spend on checking repetitive items or booking at a high price at the last moment.

5. Manage your budget

Always set a maximum-limit to your budget just as you know the minimum. Discuss your preferences like route, stopovers, special demands with the agent and then see if all is being fulfilled within the set range.

Also, ensure that there is no hidden fee or additional taxes. Cancellations must be easy and quick. Taking care of a few of these things will not put burden your pocket.

Finally, choose a flight booking service that is flexible with your options and can customize your package. All of this cannot be done effectively in the last hours so it is advisable to plan your travel much in advance.

If you have any travel query for your upcoming travel from Canada to India, ask your question here.

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