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You could be living a thousand miles away from home, but the urge to visit your land can never go away. Approximately 1.86 million Indians live in Canada and around 4 million in the USA, of which a significant population is the elderly NRIs, oscillating between flying back home and setting base in a new country.

However, with the rising cost of flights and inflation, traveling to India can be quite expensive. This is where senior citizens’ discounts for international flight options come in handy. Elderly people can avail of these discount offers, which can reduce the total cost of flight tickets significantly. Thus, allowing more Indian senior citizens living in Canada or the USA to come back to their homeland without having to worry about the costs involved.

In this blog, we will discuss the discounts available for senior citizens on air travel, tips while booking international flights, and much more. So let’s get started.

How Much Discount is Given to Senior Citizens for Air Travel?

The percentage of the senior citizen discount on international flight tickets varies between different airlines. Typically, senior citizens get discounts ranging from 5% to 50% off the regular fare.

The discount offered also depends on other factors, which include the destination, the time of travel, the distance, availability of seats. Some airlines also offer special fare prices, promotional offers, or discounted packages, which can reduce the cost of flight tickets even further for senior citizens. It’s important to check these details with airline support to get transparency about the senior citizen discount on international flights.

Things to Keep in Mind while Booking Senior Citizen Discounted Flights

Many airlines offer senior citizens discounts on international flights. Here are things to keep in mind:

  • Not all airlines offer senior citizen discounts. So it’s important to check beforehand while booking.
  • You can avail of senior citizen air travel discounts for one-way or return flights.
  • It’s mandatory to show government-approved identity proof of age for verification.
  • Most airlines might offer senior citizen discounts only while booking online.
  • Discounted fare is shown only after you add concession to your booking.
  • Discounts are only on ticket fare price. All other changes like tax, convenience change, or any other additional fees have to be paid by senior citizens.
  • The number of seats is subject to the availability of flights on the airline.

Tips for Senior Citizens to Book Discounted International Flights

Here are some tips which can be helpful while booking international air tickets for senior citizens.

  1. Research: Don’t just jump for the first option you see online while booking international flight tickets. Do thorough research on which airline offers the best senior citizen discounts on international flights. You can visit the airline’s websites or contact the customer helpline to enquire about their senior citizen discount offers.
  2. Early Booking: Most often, flight prices are more affordable if you book in advance. And flight prices increase as you get closer to the date of departure. So it’s advisable to book your international flights early to get the best senior citizen discount early.
  3. Book Online: Most airlines provide offers only on booking online. So it’s important to check these details before choosing your mode of booking a ticket. Also, booking tickets online is a more convenient option when traveling.
  4. Proof of Age: It is mandatory to provide valid age-proof documents while booking senior citizen discounted flights. The valid age-proof documents can be an ID card or passport.

By following these tips, you can easily book senior citizen discounted air flights for your international travel and save money on airfare. 

5 Airlines that Provide Senior Citizen Discounts on International Flights

Here are 5 airlines that offer senior citizen discount on international flights:

  • United Airlines: United Airlines offers discounted fares for seniors who are 65 years and older. You can ask for these discounts when you make a reservation. Also, you can select the senior’s category while booking online on
  • Delta Airlines: The discount offers may vary based on the routes of flight at Delta Airlines. However, Delta provides approximately 20% off for senior citizens.
  • American Airlines: American Airlines also offers senior citizen discounts for passengers under the age of 65 or more. You can contact American Airlines at 800-433-7300 or 802-455-7300 (OTA) or visit the official website to learn more details about discounts.
  • Air Canada: Air Canada offers a Senior Citizen discount of 10% to 40% on all of its fares. The discount is offered even on the lowest fares.
  • WestJet: WestJet offers senior citizen discounts for those who are 50 years and older. They provide various coupons for senior citizens, which they can apply to their tickets.

It’s important to remember that these discount offers may vary depending on airline policies. It’s recommended to check the airline’s official websites directly for the latest information.

Common Difficulties Senior Citizens Face While Air Traveling

Traveling can be quite a task and can be exhausting with jet lag for senior citizens. Below are some common difficulties senior citizens face while air traveling

  1. Mobility problems: If senior citizens travel alone, it could be challenging, as they might face problems strolling distances or carrying heavy luggage. It’s important to inform the airline of any mobility problems beforehand to ensure your journey is convenient and peaceful.
  2. Health problems: Having health problems is common among senior citizens, and they might require more attention than other passengers. It is recommended to carry all the necessary medications as well as emergency contact numbers. Also, make sure to inform the airline about any medical conditions prior to traveling.
  3. Language Barrier: For many Indian senior citizens living in Canada or USA or for whom English is not their first language, it can be difficult to communicate. It’s best to have a translation mechanism for barrier-free travel.

Wrapping Up

Even though air travel is expensive, there are many airlines that provide senior citizens discounts on international flights. With a little bit of research, you can find the airlines which offer the best discount and enjoy the benefits. It’s also crucial to check the terms and conditions before booking online.

Tips provided in this blog can come in handy while booking senior citizen discounts for international flights. So don’t be afraid of expensive travel tickets and avail the offered discount now.

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