How to Book Cheap Multi-city flights


Flying from an airplane can be an enthralling experience. Not only does it offer speed and safety, but also provides luxury travel that cannot be matched with surface travel.

While many people book flights from one place to another, some love traveling across different cities. Booking cheap multi-city flights can provide relief for people who are willing to visit more than one place in a short time frame.

But things might look easier on paper than in reality. Booking cheap multi flights might take some effort and a wiser mindset. Let us help you by increasing your knowledge base about booking flights with multiple cities options.

Booking procedure

Booking initiates as you would book a normal flight. All you need to do is select the ‘multi-city’ option and you are good to go. Follow the simple instructions on the booking website, enter the destinations you want to visit and then choose the ideal traveling options.

The main idea remains in creating the ideal combinations of possible flights. Also, make sure that you book in advance so that you don’t put a dent in your budget.

Definition of multi-city flight

A multi-city flight is a flight that flies between more than two cities and you can avail yourself of the flight in a single reservation.

It is a common practice to visit or travel to more than one destination in one single travel. This type of booking is helpful as you don’t have to book individual air tickets to different cities.

By choosing the type of flight, you can save a lot of money in the process by getting cheap airline tickets.

Types of multi-city flights


This type of flight offers a ‘Round The World’ like experience. The pattern includes flying from the city you are arriving towards the first destination and then on to the next city and then to home.

You have the time to live in each destination as you are given a fair share of time to explore the place. This type of multi-flight ticket works best when you are planning to attend a meeting and then want to go to visit someone in a city that is near to the destination.

For instance, you can book your ticket to New York and then visit Atlanta which is near, and then back home.

Open Jaw

The Open Jaw flight offers a travel itinerary that looks akin to an open mouth when summarized on the map. In this flight, you fly to a city without any stoppage or halts and then to another and then you come back home.

The best part of this type of flight is that you can change your arrangements during your final trip. You can also add in stops on the last trip home.

You can choose a destination that is near your home town and then visit your door by renting a car or by using public transport.

Around the world

The Around world city flights are somewhat similar to Round Robin, but the only difference is that it features light time travel along with all international travel.

In this type of flight, you can travel from a city in a country to another country. Then, you can book the third city in another country and so on.

Then, you can book tickets back home with a layover in between, no matter wherever you are in the world.


The Surface multi-city flights offer a somewhat non-traditional pattern. These include two types of flights that are not connected.

The main deal in this type of flight is that there is a portion of travel that you will be traveling through the surface. You can fly to a new city and then from there, you can get on the surface to travel to another destination.

From there, you can take the flight home. For instance, if you are traveling from home to Orlando, you can drive from there to New Orleans and then you can fly home from there. This is a surface trip you just covered.


While most of these trips might appear to be complicated, you can eventually make a correlation with any of these in the coming times.

Who knows these trips can be a money saver for your next world tour. Hence, it’s important to keep the information intact and always remember that multi-city flights are curated to reduce time, traveling fatigue, and money.

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