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They are messy, clutter follows them everywhere and they are loud as a siren. But we still love them. Pets show us, unconditional love, help us acquire that sense of responsibility and are always there for us when we need them. Needless to say, they are an important part of our lives.

And if you are willing to travel with your pets to India, you ought to look for some good pet-friendly hotels that can offer a sense of comfort and lavishness to both you and your pet.

Let’s take a good look at the list we have curated for you:

Dalhousie Retreat Cottages, Himachal Pradesh

Having a furry friend in your lap while you sip up your favorite cafe mocha amidst the valley of a beautiful mountain seems like a dreamy visual.

But it can come true at the Dalhousie Retreat. The secluded location in the lap of nature makes this a must-visit for pet lovers.

You can enjoy pet-friendly accommodations along with forest walks and apple orchards views. The cottages are modish in style and offer complete comfort.

Taj President, Mumbai

Artfully created to let pets enjoy their vacations along with their owners, the Taj President is the epitome of luxury. Located in Cuffe Parade, Mumbai, the hotel has a specifically created menu for pet food.

While enjoying your custom-made brunch at the HerbHouse, you can let your little friend snack on delicacies such as minced lamb risotto and chicken steak.

The pet-friendly bistro by the pool is something to experience here. To top it up, there are several pet-friendly events held here where people can socialize and pets can mingle with their fellow friends.

CavalaResort, Goa

Goa has been the choice of destination for tourists and NRIs visiting India. People often book cheap flights from the USA to India or Canada to India and make their stay worthy by enjoying their gateway on the sandy beaches of Goa. The Cavala Resort is an ideal spot to accommodate yourself with your pet.

It is ideal for those Instagram reels and social media posts where you can lay down while your pooch enjoys the sun in front of the sea. The hotel attracts your eyes through its red laterite Portuguese-style architecture.

Your pet is allowed everywhere and you can even enjoy birds that keep coming in the balconies. And don’t forget to enjoy those beach swimming sessions with your pet-he is going to love it.

The Westin, Pune

When in Pune set your course towards Koregaon Park with your pet. The Westin hotel will welcome you with a dedicated lounge for guests with pets. Your pet will be greeted with a comfy bed where he can relax while enjoying special pet food.

The surrounding gardens and city walk areas offer great exercise sessions for pets as well. Though furry beings are not allowed in lounges, spas, pools, and restaurants, you can always roam around the city with your pet for a quick exploring session. The affordable rooms serve well to all types of guests here without putting a dent in your budget.

Elgin Hotels and Resort, Darjeeling

This unique hotel will offer your pet something he might have desired the entire trip-company. Your pet will be greeted by the sweet little Lillian at the door. Things start to get interesting from that very moment.

You and your pet will get welcome drinks and refreshments. You will be taken to your room that has extra space for the pet.

You might be able to appreciate the 125 years old property through its interiors depicting the influence of the colonial era. The mystical experience of being in mountains and closer to nature will also make the stay a memorable one.

Andaz, Delhi

The hotel has more amenities for pets than people. Yes, it’s true and this fact is loved by all the owners. Imagine staying at a hotel that caters to not only dogs or cats but fish as well.

This is what we call ‘Andaz’ in the real sense. Your pet can enjoy the amenities such as leashes, pet shampoos, pet food, and beds every day.

There is an arrangement for taking care of pet litter so you need not worry about cleaning up. People with fish can get free fish bowls and fish foods as long as they are staying at the hotel.

And what’s more? The entire flooring is wooden so that pets can roam around and even run without the worry of slipping or cracking a bone.


The list of pet-friendly hotels is quite long and it is not possible to cover each one here. Almost every state you visit will have a pet-friendly hotel to welcome you.

All you need to do is find the right one to turn your experience into a cherished one.

Always remember to stay at pet-friendly hotels when you are traveling with your little friend as he is your responsibility and you don’t want him to gather some bad memories while you enjoy your vacations.

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