Top 11 Places to Visit near Bangalore Airport


As a passenger, no one loves those delayed delayed flights or a layover session at the airport. Unfortunately, the biggest airports in India may have longer waiting times. Such is the case with the airport in Kempegowda as it may have you waiting for a variety of reasons.

One of the few resolutes to kill time in such situations is to explore the sites around the airport. When it comes to Bangalore Airport, the city has everything to offer, including gardens, historical landmarks, holy places, pubs, lounges, cafes, and both amusing and scary locations. Let’s take a look at some of the top tourist destinations around Bangalore Airport.

Hennur Bamboo Palace

If you want to take a time off from the digital means and the hustle of Bangalore city, you can explore wanderlust in the Hennur Bamboo palace. Just an hour’s drive away from the nearest terminal, the spot is the ideal setting for nature lovers. The landscape is full of bamboo trees. Though it might not appeal to many, the spot is definitely a must-try. You can easily indulge in your basic routine tasks such as book reading or checking work emails.

Prestige golfshire club

A small session of your favorite and probably the most relaxing game on the planet, Golf, can be a good idea during your weight hours at the Bangalore Airport. Simply head towards the Prestige Golfshire Club and you will have your wishes fulfilled. With just a drive of 23 km from the airport, you can enjoy golf in the lush green and well-maintained course. For foodies, there is a restaurant that offers tantalizing lunch. The place is inviting and has been the preferred choice for businessmen from all across the world.

Embassy International Riding School

When you don’t have a preference in mind and simply want to unwind in a happening place, the Embassy International Riding School will surely serve you best. The school offers plenty of activities to gloss over. It is only18 km from the airport. You can enjoy unique activities such as Soul Sante Happening for a few hours. Besides, there are plenty of options for eating, shopping, or simply spending quality time at the venue.

Hills of Nandi

In Bangalore, Nandi Hills is a well-known location close to the airport where you can have some quality time with your sweetheart. You may visit this lovely garden at Nandi Hills in a short amount of time. Don’t forget to take in the area’s stunning attractions as well as Tipu’s Drop and Tip Sultan’s Fort’s superb architecture. It is around 36.7 kilometers away from the airport.

Cavalli, Ai

Visit Ai Cavalli, one of the many attractions in Bengaluru, which is close to Embassy International Riding School. Visit here and take bath in the splendor of this lovely setting. You may relax and enjoy the beautiful horses from a distance because the destination is not far from the airport. The venue is around 16.6 kilometers from the airport.

Fort Devanhalli

Admire the brilliance of the Devanhalli Fort, which is well known to travelers. This stunning building is conveniently adjacent to the Bangalore airport and is reachable by own or rental cars. You may see a memorial to Tipu Sultan at this historical site. Don’t forget to see the Dravidian-style Venugopalaswamy Temple on the Devanahalli hills as well. It is just 19.6km far from the airport.

Temple of Bhoga Nandeeshwara

If you are an avid explorer, it will be easy for you to adore the art and heritage at this magnificent location near the airport in Bangalore. This ancient temple is renowned for its Dravidian-inspired architecture. The shrine includes two complexes with lush gardens where regular prayer is conducted. There are numerous stores selling flowers and other goods for puja right outside the temple. This is one of the interesting locations to see close to Bangalore Airport. The temple is one hour journey from the airport.

Gardens of Lumbini

An ideal location for spending time with friends, family, and kids, the Lumbini Garden is nothing short of lush settings. . You may have all the fun with the wave pools, trampolines, waterslides, and even the toy rides. Visit the amusement park with your kids and take all the rides to enjoy yourself. The destination is around 48 km away from the airport.

Temple of Yoganandeeshwara

Yoganandeeshwara Temple is one of Bangalore’s most charming tourist attractions. It is close to the Kempegowda Airport, which is accessible by both public and private transportation. You will be easily mesmerized by the temple’s carving, which will require hours to appreciate in its entirety. It is one of the top tourist destinations close to Bangalore Airport that you and your family can look to visit. The temple is around 37 km distance from the airport.

Nilaya Nehru

Discover Nilaya Nehru, a set of gardens run by the horticulture department of Bangalore. Immerse in the beauty of well-organized gardens and rows of plants. A nice view is provided by the area’s surrounding lush greenery. By taking a peaceful stroll amongst mature trees and vegetation, tourists can discover the wonders of nature. The distance of the garden is 37.2 km from the airport.

Bangalore Palace

It is another fine spot to visit in Bangalore to take in all that this incredible city has to offer. Millions of tourists visit the magnificent and flamboyant monument each year. On a tour of the city, you must stop by the magnificent Palace to appreciate the royal culture and heritage of the country. The area is 31.3 km from the airport.


Being stuck at the Bangalore Airport might sound like time has stopped. But if you take into consideration the above-listed spots, you can have a good layover time in the city. You can always look to buy cheap tickets to Bangalore to visit all of these beautiful locations amidst the friendly hospitality the city has to offer. Plan a trip this weekend and take a flight to Bangalore to spend some quality time with your family.

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