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Flights are the fastest mode of transportation around the world. Whenever it comes to traveling long distances or with ease and comfortability, people search for airlines.

Whether it is a vacation trip, business trip, solo trip or any other reason the community prefers airlines to any other mode of transportation.

If you are also looking for a flight ticket, there are several factors that you must keep in mind. These include travel times, destination, fare class, price, location and much more. To ease your travel bookings there are several air booking websites, however, most of the time people end up with expensive tickets.

There are tons of air booking websites available on the internet but many of them are just wasting your crucial time and hard-earned money. Also, no single website can promise you the cheapest airfare round the year.

To help you with your flight booking we bring you the cheapest air booking websites which will help you in grabbing a perfect deal. We did thorough research and prepared a list of websites that offer you the cheapest flight tickets. These travel agencies will definitely help you in solving your problem.

Pay attention to these seven websites one by one:

  1. Surffares

Surffares is the best airline booking provider in India. You can easily make your cheap flights bookings through this website within just a few clicks.

The online booking platform specializes in offering cheap tickets between India and US or India and Canada flights and has got everything that you are looking for in a flight booking website.

It has advanced features, easy interface and 24/7 customer support service makingSurffares one of the most preferred platforms by consumers.

Besides providing instant confirmations whenever you book a flight, Surffares also sends alerts regarding any changes. Without any doubt, it is the fastest growing platform catering to travelers who wish to explore their destinations with the utmost comfort provided by their airline partners.

  1. Google Flights

Google Flights is not an OTA rather it is a meta-search engine that provides you with the best results. This search engine is developed on the ITA Matrix, which is primarily designed for travel websites. Its robust design displays the price of a ticket and the flight date on a map which help you to understand better. The analytical tools present on this website aid you in tracking the prices of a particular route. This ultimately benefits you with the lowest prices when you search.

This website is free from any kind of ad and other pop-ups which annoys the user. Here you will get flexible rates on a calendar. You can use the “search by map” function that allows you to check fares on the map in case you do not have a pre-planned destination. But there is a con, you cannot book direct tickets from here.

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  1. Kayak

This is one of the best meta-search engines that allows you to get the best available deals. By using its vast tools it projects you the desired results. Its high-end flexible fare tool guides you to search prices for ten months with an interactive graph.

This site presents you with a feature that allows you to set up alerts for fares on your favorite routes. You can compare past and present prices so you can make a better choice for yourself.

This website tracks fares over time and bluster flight searches. It has excellent features that make your search even more interesting and smooth. However, this only provides average rates which force you to do more research and also the ads on this platform can annoy you.

  1. Make My Trip 

This is a multi-purpose platform that allows users to book both flight tickets and hotels simultaneously. The website eases your searches and you do not need to go through a plethora of information.

Here, you can search for both domestic and international flights and book them conveniently. Also, you do not need to worry about fares as this site provides you with the best results and additional discounts.

You can use different filters available on the website to narrow down your searches. Just choose the destination, number of tickets, and price range and this platform administers you with some amazing results.

  1. com 

This website will impress you with its low fare of flight tickets and the clarity of various offers. The platform uses top-tier filtering tools and makes your searches easy and comfortable. It compares several flights and helps you in selecting the best deal.

The website easily resonates with your special needs. Here, you can use different filters including the preferred airport, departure and arrival time and direct or non-direct flights. This platform presents customers with various offers and you can also customize them.

The excellent filters available on this website make it one of the outstanding websites. This platform offers the lowest prices to the users with clear labels for more transparency. But users will find its flexible dates feature quite ordinary.

  1. CheapOair

Known for its unparalleled customer service this website has won several prestigious awards. This is a multi-purpose platform and you will get quality fares for flight tickets, hotel bookings and car bookings.

The interface shows you a well-organized calendar with updated prices. The best part about this website is that it is attractive and user-friendly. However, this platform prioritizes direct flights over non-direct ones.

If you are looking for last-minute flights then this website is ideal for you. It provides users with alternative date fares and bluster vacation packages.

You will find this website unfriendly when it comes to booking flights ahead of time. It causes inconvenience to the customers who want to book tickets in advance. Their booking fees are not as cheap as what they advertise.

  1. Expedia

This website is not only old but also trusted by users. Expedia for many years has been helping flyers in getting the best deals. It is a respected website and people trust it. What makes this website even more authentic is its unique tool known as “My Scratch Tool”.

This tool allows users to evaluate deals on itineraries on which they want to travel. To help users in earning special points it offers them an Expedia Voyager Mastercard and customers can use these points to buy airline tickets.

This platform provides users with various rewards. Expedia double-checks and confirms that a fare flier chooses is what it really wants to pay before the user hits the select button again.

It also displays the baggage fees along with fares. The website has limited filters that make searches uncomfortable. It shows fares for the routes that are outside the usual routine.

Final words

There are many websites available on the internet from where you can book a flight ticket. However, if you want to save money then the cheapest air booking websites mentioned in the article will help you to get the best deal. These platforms will not only help you with fares but also make your search a lot easy and more convenient.

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