How to Plan your Summer Air Travel by Saving Money


Travel during summers feels like an ultimate resolute from the daily hustle. It revitalizes our bodies and freshens up our minds with new memories.

But does it come cheap? Probably No.

Air travel, being the safest in the world is also the most expensive option. However, by following some mindful tips, you can save a large portion of your travel expense.

Tips to book cheap air tickets for your next holiday

  • Mind the dates

During summer, the peak season for air travel, ticket prices vary as per the dates. If you want to incur fewer expenses, do make sure that you are keeping a buffer time in case you have to change the date.

This way, you can choose the travel day that offers a lesser price. You can easily book cheap flights based on the available flight. This is much better than seeking a flight with a rigid date schedule which often results in extra spending.

Also, do take care of advance bookings. Looking for a travel ticket at least one month before the date of the journey can help you save extra money.

  • Do not stress about a particular destination

If you are willing to explore uncharted lands, then you can easily get accustomed to a plan with flexible destinations. When you travel for leisure and exploration, you can have quite a few options in terms of destinations.

This works well as sometimes, the flight to a destination is expensive due to extra rush or a festive season. For instance, flights from Canada to India or USA to India are heavy on pricing due to the extra rush during Diwali.

  • Choosing the less expensive route

If you are flexible about dates and routes, it won’t take much time to get habituated to the most affordable route of the journey.

If you can bear a halt or two or some layover inconvenience, choosing the cheapest routes can save you extra bucks. Think about it, the money you save can be spent on exploring more destinations on the trip.

So it’s worth the effort. You can easily select the cheapest routes while booking your air tickets online.

  • Check for deals and discounts

If you are a regular traveler, you will often get emails offering deals and discounts on your next trip. These, in any case, should not be ignored.

There are online booking companies that are regularly offering great discounts and other offers that should not be overlooked.

You can also check your credit cards for offers on airport lounges and other related stuff. Also, do keep checking your spam folders as many air travel surprises can be found there.

  • Explore booking on different websites

You may have a favorite website in mind when it comes to booking your summer air travel tickets. Booking each time from the same website or portal will make you lose on offers provided by other websites or booking companies.

The ideal way to proceed is to look for discounts and offers and then visit the websites that are offering the best deals. While you should always avoid relatively new websites, you can make a list of the most popular booking sites operating currently. Comparing the services, offers, and fares will help you grab the deal of your life.

  • Get that student bonus

If you are a student, you will get discounted prices on almost all airlines. All you need to do is have a valid ID proof that will be checked during the booking process.

Some airlines offer much more than you can expect. They allow you to bag in little extra weight in your carriage. There are much more facilities and relaxation offered for students by different prevalent airlines.

  • Skip non-stops, go for layovers

If you are an avid traveler, waiting for a flight means spending quality time discovering the place or venue. This comes in real handy when you have to wait between layover flights.

And the best part is, this saves you money. Compared to non-stop flights that are faster and more expensive, layover flights are cheaper and give you time for unplanned travel, which is a bonus.

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  • Compare the airlines

Some airlines are always cheaper than others. Take the case of Indigo and Air India. The former will always offer cheaper routes.

No matter what is the reason behind such contrasting fares, we, the travelers are happy being at the receiver’s end. Having said that, it’s important to compare the different airline fares for the same route.

This can help you pick out the cheapest one to go for. Just as in the case of booking services, not sticking to a single airline will bring in more savings. Having a flexible approach and keeping different airlines as an option is the wiser thing to do for that perfect summer air travel.


We hope these hacks will serve you well on your next journey. Do keep in mind that air travel might be expensive, but there are tons of legitimate ways to save money. The fluctuation in air prices and the varying offers by the companies provide a good opportunity for travelers to get the cheapest tickets and fare charges.

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