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We all know how enormous the India to USA journey can be. Adding a layer of emotion connected with lost, delayed, or damaged baggage can be truly heavy. However, knowing your compensation rules can help your heart be at peace since you will know the amount your airline is liable to pay.

Let’s understand the main points of it all 

Disadvantages Limits of Delayed/ Damaged \ Lost\ Baggage  

Airlines are liable for any luggage damage, loss, or delay that occurs while the luggage is in their custody during transportation. However, it is subject to maximum limits on accountability.

For USA Domestic Flights  

The maximum allowable drawback amount under DOT regulations is $3,800. However, airlines are free to pay more than the limit but are not required to do so.

For International Flights 

The maximum responsibility amount allowed by DOT regulations is $1780 per passenger, according to a treaty called the Montreal Convention.

About Damage Baggage Exception

Airlines are not allowed to pay for preexisting damage to the bag or damage to items caused by improper packing.

Airlines are not responsible for certain categories of items (for instance, fragile items, electronic cash, and perishable items). Additionally, these embargoes are typically listed in the airline’s contact list.

Although airlines are not required to cover fair wear and tear, they cannot disburse liability for damage to vehicles, handle straps, and other ingredients of checked baggage.

About Damage Baggage Compensation

The airline will determine the compensation amount based on the bag’s value and devaluation if the damage is irreparable. Moreover, the maximum responsibility amount allowed by DOT is already shared above.

Airlines are not required to reimburse passengers for items not covered by their contracts of carriage for domestic travel.

For international travel, airlines are responsible for these items if they have accepted them for transportation. In addition, this applies even if passengers did not disclose it when they checked in, saying that these items were in their possession. Likewise, passengers may wish to consider purchasing supplemental insurance for valuable items.

About Delayed Baggage (Insights)  

When your bag gets delayed, the airline you fly with is responsible for detecting it. However, it is advisable that you carry your boarding pass at all times, since it has the details of your luggage.

About Delayed Baggage Compensation 

Airlines must reimburse customers for legitimate, verifiable costs they incur as a result of holding their bags, up to the maximum liability limits.


Airlines are not allowed to set an irrational daily amount for temporary expenses. For instance, an airline cannot reimburse a passenger up to $50 for each day the airline delays their bags

About Lost Luggage Insights  

While different airlines have different policies regarding when they consider a bag lost, they declare it as such after not being able to locate it for 7 days.

About Lost Baggage Compensation  

Once the airline deems the bag lost, they are responsible for compensating you for the contents of your bag, subject to the maximum liability limits. In fact, the airline will refund any fees you paid to transport the lost bag.

Accommodation Devices 

On domestic flights, airlines’ responsibility for lost or damaged assistive devices is the original price of the device. However, if an airline destroys or loses $20,000 in assistive devices during a domestic flight, the airline liability is $20,000. As a result, if an airline damages but does not destroy a $20,000 assistive device, the airline is liable for the damage up to the original purchase price. 

Assistive Device Comprise 

Crutches, canes, walkers, braces, prosthetics, wheelchairs, hearing aids, portable oxygen concentrates, and continuous positive airway pressure machines. Prescription medication, as well as any medical device required for administration, such as syringes and auto injectors.

Delayed Baggage Compensation What To Do

For domestic flights within the United States, here is what you should do if your bags arrive damaged.

Hold Onto Your Boarding Pass and Checked Baggage Receipt 

If you don’t have a boarding pass, you can use any flight documents with a booking reference  number. In addition, the airline allocates this number to your flight reservation, which is a six-digit code comprising both letters and numbers.

Report The Damage Before Leaving The Airport  

If it is not possible to report the damage before leaving the airport, you may be able to do it later, but concerns differ from one airline to another, so check your airline policy online.

Fill Out a Damage Claim Form or Property Irregularity Report 

If you report the damage in person, the airline will probably ask you to do this, but some airlines also have the form online. 

Present Your Bags For Inspection So They Can Get Settle or Replaced 

Again, it is best to do so before you leave the airport, if possible. However, the airline will conclude a solution with you, whether you repair the damage, replace the items, or otherwise repay you.

File a Claim With The Airline For Damaged Items In Your Bags 

There are numerous variations to what the airline will cover in terms of packed items, and they may deny any responsibility at all. Nevertheless, if you can prove in an urgent case that they are liable, it may be worth your time.

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God forbid, the next time you find yourself in a situation where you have lost, delayed, or damaged luggage, keep all of the above information in mind. Furthermore, these ideas will help you deal with the situation better. Additionally, we understand how difficult it is to deal with a situation in which you have lost all of your valuables. By staying informed, reporting issues promptly, and maintaining detailed records, you can ensure fair compensation for your inconvenience. After all, mishaps with your luggage do not have to ruin your trip. Finally, knowing your rights is the first step toward resolving such issues quickly and confidently.


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