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We all want to have a totally comfortable experience on our USA to India flights. Travel should be accessible to everyone, even physically challenged. Well, if you are traveling on American Airlines, rest assured that people with disabilities or mobility challenges can have a seamless travel experience with wheelchair assistance.

The good thing about American Airlines is that it takes pride in its commitment to providing you assistance with disabilities or serious injuries. Even pregnant passengers can request a wheelchair to ensure a comfortable journey.

Here, we are going to tell you about the procedure to request a wheelchair on American Airlines to make your journey stress-free.

The Need For Wheelchair Assistance

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Picture this: You are excited about one of your upcoming flights to India. However, making your way through the bustling airport seems challenging because of your mobility issues. However, if you are traveling through American Airlines, you don’t need to worry. This airline is committed to making air travel possible for everyone.

Statistics show that there is a high number of individuals who face mobility challenges. These individuals require tailored assistance to ensure that they have a safe travel experience.

American Airlines recognizes the diverse needs of every traveler. Inclusivity is important for them, which is why they have a simple procedure to request a wheelchair.

Standard Procedure To Receive Wheelchair Assistance

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  1. First of all, you need to assess the kind of support that you need. If you are clear about your requirements to the airlines, they can serve you in a much better way.
  2. The rules and policies of American Airlines state that a person must make the airline aware of the preference for wheelchair requirements in advance. For example, you might have a plan to bring your own wheelchair. If not, you can request one from the airlines on all USA to India flights.
  3. You also need to provide proof that helps you justify your requirement for a wheelchair. It will help the airlines ensure that your demand is in compliance with their policy. It’s also important that you ensure that your proof papers do not date back more than a year from the departure date of your flight.
  4. The passenger must present his papers at least 48 hours before his flight takes off.
  5. American Airlines has an allocated sport where you can store one wheelchair in each cabin. Mostly, it’s available on a first come first serve basis. So it’s best that you book your flight in advance to reserve wheelchair assistance for yourself.

How To Bring A Wheelchair As A Carry On?

You can bring a wheelchair as a carry-on as long as it is foldable on your flights to India. Your wheelchair should also meet the size and weight restrictions as applicable by American Airlines. If your mobility equipment meets the requirements of the airlines, you can keep it in the overhead compartment or place it under your seats.

However, if you want to carry non-foldable mobility equipment, you would have to check it at the baggage counter.

Battery-powered wheelchairs are becoming quite popular today. If you are carrying an electric wheelchair, you must check it in at least an hour before the check-in time.

How To Request A Wheelchair While Booking Your Flight?

Wheelchair Assistance

To request a wheelchair while booking your flight, you can follow the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Head onto the American Airlines official website.
  2. Book or purchase your ticket
  3. Proceed to the add special assistance section.
  4. Select the wheelchair assistance.
  5. Add the necessary information and finish your reservation.
  6. Check out and purchase your ticket for USA to India flights.

How To Request A Wheelchair After Booking Your Flight?

  1. Log on to the American Airlines website and click on the ‘Contact American Airlines’ option at the end of the page.
  2. Select the special assistance option.
  3. Here, you will find an option to ‘submit a request for disability assistance.’
  4. Choose this option and click on ‘disability assistance.’
  5. Now, you can request disability assistance by entering your contact information and mentioning the kind of assistance you need.
  6. Submit your form to American Airlines.

Types Of Wheelchair Assistance Offered By American Airlines

Let’s now take a look at the type of wheelchair assistance that you can avail of on your USA to India flights.

Pre-Boarding Assistance

If you require extra time and support, American Airlines offers you free pre-boarding assistance. By availing of this assistance, you can ensure a relaxed experience without any rush.

In-Flight Support

American Airlines also offers wheelchair assistance throughout your journey. Flight attendants give dedicated attention to passengers with mobility challenges. You will receive all in-flight amenities that will make your journey comfortable.

Post-Arrival Assistance

Your journey doesn’t end upon landing and American Airlines understands it. So, the extent of your assistance even after you land at your destination. With post-arrival assistance, you can easily make your way through the airport environment to ground transportation.

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Requesting wheelchair assistance with American Airlines isn’t a very complicated task. It’s a straightforward process that allows you to travel comfortably to your destination.

Apart from making online requests, you can also get in touch with customer care at American Airlines to book your wheelchair assistance. American Airlines also allows you to make specific travel arrangements if you contact their crew directly.

You don’t have to pay extra charges for your future assistance as everything is covered by the airlines. So, don’t worry about your mobility issues if you’re taking American Airlines to fly to your destination.

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