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Flights are undoubtedly the most appealing mode of transportation for many people. Besides that, ideal convenience, multiple flight options, best deals, less travel, and duration are key factors that allow explorers to discover the world on their own terms. Therefore, now we understand that obtainability, exceptional offers, and digital convenience stimulate the decision-making process. Due to these reasons, we reserve our seats logically but still, many of you might be unaware of how to get refund on flight tickets.

This unconsciousness and lack of information usually make you pay enormous cancellation fees unnecessarily. Hence, to save yourself from the awkward investment demanded by airlines, here’s a final overview of how to attain repayment on flight tickets. Now let’s jump into the extensive details represented in this blog so that you can save yourself from the disaster of overpaying.

What Are The Refund Eligibility Criteria?

First and foremost, we need to understand the eligibility criteria for obtaining refunds. In fact, the refunding policy varies greatly depending on the airline’s specific terms and conditions. However, supposing that you can cancel your flight reservation before 24 hours, then you are eligible to receive your funds on time. But still, you are accountable for paying a lump sum of cancellation and convenience fees as raised by the airlines. Meanwhile, if the airline cancels your flight, you can still apply for a full refund. Therefore, this answers your question on how to get refund on flight tickets.

What Are The Public Refund Procedures For Flight Abolition?

Normally, there are two layouts in which you can apply for a refund, so let’s have a glance at these.

Flight Cancellation From Your End: If you have made an online flight booking with the best airlines to fly to India from USA or known travel platforms, then for a cancellation, you must visit the portal or enter all the important details related to the flight bookings. Later, you can cancel the flight to claim your refund with simplicity.

When Airline Cancels Your Flight: Technical issues on the backend, heavy air traffic, inclement weather, and other out-of-control factors prompt airlines to reschedule flights. In such scenarios, you can try booking a fresh flight or ask for full repayment on cancellation. Nowadays, many popular airlines with easy refund policies are coming to make travelers’ journeys more comfortable. However, some of them also provide 100% refunds on flight reservations if you request. Therefore, before making a booking, make sure that you are going through and understanding the airline refund policy.

How To Get a Refund With Us On Flight Cancellation?

Most airlines and online travel platforms provide you with the option of canceling flights online in just a few simple steps, but if you cancel the flight with Surffares, then attaining a full refund is very quick and easy. So without further delay, let’s fall into it and get rid of stress on how to get refund on flight tickets.

For Guest Users

Step 1. To get a refund from us, just visit my booking section on the bottom bar.

Step 2. Enter the important details, like the reference booking, /ID /PNR number, in the form and then tap on the submit button to proceed forward with the refundable flight options.

Step 3. If you are a guest user, then check out the flight information and press on the flight cancellation option.

Step 4. Select the passenger’s name, accompanied by the sector you want to cancel or claim a repayment. However, during the process, confirm the reason for the cancellation and then click on the check refund amount option.

Step 5. Verify the cancellation fee and refund amount again as a guest user and then press the cancel now button.

Step 6. Click the submit button after entering the one-time password (OTP) you received on your registered email address or mobile number to confirm the flight cancellation.

For Logged-In Users

Step 1. Look through my visit section. If you have already signed up, then the search listing will emerge; if not, then you must enter login details.

Step 2. Select the flight booking that you need to cancel.

Step 3. For the flight details, click on the flight cancellation option.

Step 4. Select the traveler’s name along with the sector you want to cancel. During the process, confirm the reason for cancellation and then click on the check refund amount option.

Step 5. Verify the cancellation costs and refund total as a guest user before clicking the “cancel now” button.

Step 6. Enter the one-time password (OTP) that you got in your registered email/mobile number and then click on the submit button to ensure flight cancellation.


Here we have brought you complete information on how to get refund on flight tickets. Thus, make sure to use the above mentioned information while obtaining a refund for your flight tickets. We do not want anything to go wrong with you, so we have attempted our best to provide you with all the facts. Our major goal is to serve your intent. For more such information, stay connected with our website.

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