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It was not that long ago when everyone heard about Air India going into loss and firing employees. Yes, the recession was everywhere due to pandemics but watching a mainstream government-regulated airline see the worst of days was quite a heartbreak.

But recently, we discovered Tata overtaking the operations of Air India. And the steel giant of India has started making things look good again.

Chairman of Indian Airlines N Chandrasekaran is helping the airline save money and improve efficiency in order to get its business on wheels once again.

The revamped board under the Tata group will help bring business accountability through the system overhaul by adding more technical upgrades.

As the first stage of this up-gradation, the leading travel technology company Amadeus is being introduced. The company will integrate a wide range of options into India’s passenger service system.

This includes an enhancement in the features such as ticket booking, reservations, e-commerce availability, loyality points, flight scheduling, and much more.

It is quite wonderful to note how the Air Indian officials hinted that this present move can drive upto savings of 900crore rupees in the following few years ahead.

They further added that there will be important efficiencies introduced while cost-saving strategies will be implemented with the help of the best travel technological solutions.

This will come with the help of inside and outside entities. There are many more tenders expected to be released for world-class tech companies.

Since its introduction in the airlines, the Tata Group is eyeing to make the company financially stable. This is an effort in which first the challenges were addressed and the strategies to overcome them were devised by the board of directors.

The technical upgrades seem like a major part of the implementation process. Tata will also upgrade aircraft by introducing a new fleet to make the airline advanced and match the level of international airlines.

An organizational redesign is also on the cards that will come with huge transformation. Customer service will also be increased along with attention to other areas of improvement.

The key areas where technical up-gradation will be levied include:

  • World-class customer service
  • Modernizing the fleet
  • In-flight hospitality
  • Off-flight hospitality
  • Decreased queue timings
  • Better cancellation and refunds
  • Enhanced check-in facilities
  • Online booking and facilities

With such a huge project on board, Tata is not leaving any stone unturned. In a recent update, it was observed that the chairman of the group is himself monitoring the operations, not leaving everything in the hands of the newly-appointed CEO.

We could easily estimate that the Tata group is serious about making their moves and it is a proud moment for every Indian that the national airlines are getting such high-level upgrades.

The technical travel company Amadeus is also setting its wheels in motion to impress the Tata group. The advanced technological platform will offer better bookings that will also help agents to upsell and add-sell for Air India with great efficiency.

The high-value fares will be mixed with other fare charges that will help drive in better advantages. The leading platform will help the Indian airline lure in more customers with better seamless transitions and better online facilities.

There are other plants too that will be soon realized in the coming days. One of them includes the turnaround plan for promoting cultural productivity. The incentives will offer better accountability and the services for consumers will be improved.

Earlier, Air India was not dealing with any sort of technical analysis, pricing, or booking feature. The small yet important feature diverted the customers toward private airlines, leading to the disruption in the revenue model.

The manual booking in Air India hugely impacted the commercial business of the company, especially when the pricing is not stable at all. But now, with technology on board, Air India officials are confident that they can put a lot of focus on better upgrades.

The operational compliances of Air India will also witness an improvement. The information technology will be combined with the operations of the airline to reduce costs, save time and increase efficiency all across the fleets.

In a recent interview, an official from Air India advised how the company is focusing on operations and cockpit as well as cabin crew in the system will get more accountability in the coming time. This will hopefully assist in the improvement of the on-time performance of the airline.

While this sounds good news to everyone, only time will tell how its implementation will come into focus when the facilities reach the normal consumer level. We will witness the change in a few months or so and things will be simplified then.

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