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Traveling by air is usually associated with experiencing a journey as pleasing as the destination. But when it comes to arriving in India, you can witness better facilities, accommodation, and rich cultural heritage at the destinations.

And you don’t have to wait to go to the tourists spots to see the diverse cultural magnificence. The feast starts at the airport only where you can witness world-class amenities, shops, exhibition corners, and much more.

Here is our list of some of the best airports in India you should look to board and arrive at:

Indira Gandhi International, New Delhi

You might relate the capital of India with overcrowded streets and populated mistakes. But make no mistakes; the ever-so-busy Indira Gandhi International Airport will make you feel like you are in some other country.

Since the airport is the center of attraction with all international flights arriving here, it has been maintained with avant-garde amenities.

The cleanliness is pristine and the resemblance to any foreign airport is remarkable. The well-organized spaces receive 60 million passengers every year.

It offers India’s culture and heritage through modern visuals and billboards. It is also the sixth-largest in the world and is recently awarded as the best in the country.

Chahatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International, Mumbai

Not lagging far behind, the international terminals of Mumbai are curated into artful and state-of-the-art buildings turning a busy airport into a world-class monument.

The candle-shaped domes are something to look at especially when they light up at night. The airport receives traffic of 48 million per year.

The services here are impeccable. The entire architecture is modified to showcase the modish airport interiors.

The airport is also the home to India’s maiden luxury lounge and also has a dedicated Spa. The 3km art wall is a sheer epitome of long-remembered Indian culture and heritage.

 Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport, Kolkata

Coming from south to east, the Netaji International airport in Kolkata is the largest air terminal for east Indian air flights.

The fifth busiest airport in the country offers a gateway to flights boarding to areas like Bangladesh, Southeast Asia, Dubai, China, Andaman, Abu Dhabi and Northeast India.

Being one of the oldest airport, it might not feature comparable architecture, but is surely well-maintained and looked after.

Since Kolkatta is a focus city of India, the strategic position of the airport near the Bay of Bengal offers better travel options for passengers all across the world who opt for cheap flights.

Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad

The Rajiv Gandhi INternaintoal is known for its cleanliness and maintenance that surpassing most of the airports on the list. And also, this is one of the most heritage-rich airports in the country.

Boasting world-class amenities, it offers zero waiting for time services for departures and arrivals. Various runways have been added since the inception of this airport, which signifies its busy traffic round the clock.

When it comes to luxuries, the airport does not disappoint. You can find luxury spas, mediations centers, and special rooms for specially-abled people.

Hyderabad is one of the busiest business centers. This is a showcase of the beautiful business lounges at the airport offering free wif-fi and a relaxing environment.

One can also spend time in traditional shopping through the local shops being set up in a contemporary ambiance inside the airport.

Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport, Leh

India is not just the land of diverse cultures but a myriad of geographical settings as well. The Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport of Leh offers one of the most scenic landings through airport travel.

The landing session is truly a sight to behold as the airport is located in the lap of desert mountains and picturesque sceneries.

When you have boarded the flight, you can please your eyes with the alluring views of the Himalayas. The airport is a beautiful one and is at some height.

The planes take off only during day time. The airport also serves as the strategic point of the Indian military. It offers a gateway to many tourists who want to explore the grandiose lands of Leh and Ladakh ahead.

Kempegowda International Airport, Bangalore

You may assume that on arriving in Bangalore, you will get to see the rush and happenings of the city. But when you arrive, you will be driven towards as peaceful atmosphere offered by the scapic lawns and gardenscapes of the airport.

Handling 22 million footsteps a year, the airport is a busy one. Bangalore as we know is the IT hub of India and many corporate passengers travel here.

Keeping up with the demands, the airport offers technological amenities such as information kiosks, help desks, visual cabins, and free wi-fi. Various local restaurants have been set up inside the airport accompanied by good cafes.

You will also find amenities such as shopping plazas, bars, spas, and VIP lounges. It is one of the best airports to spend time waiting for a flight or during a halt.


India is not just about locals and traditional culture. It’s also about modern facilities and world-class airports. Most of the international airports, including those that could not get a spot in the list above, are made with up-to-date facilities to suit the passengers in the best possible way.

Some of the honorable mentions include Chennai International Airport, Veer Savarkar Airport in Port Blair, Goa International Airport, and Chandigarh Airport.

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