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Everyone loves those four-legged companions. Being an imminent part of life, we carry them everywhere from local market streets to parks to restaurants and beyond.

And who would not adore that warm pet hug when arriving home after a stretched strenuous day of work.

But things are not so easy when we travel abroad.

Yes, we do envy those Insta reels of a pup swimming at a Miami beach. We do want our dogs to feel the air of New York Street. And many of us simply crave for carrying those fur angels to us while we travel abroad, for no reason.

But when we think of traveling through the air with our pet, the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ take a toll on our minds.

Is my cat allowed on the plane? Will my dog be safe during the turbulence of the flight? Will I be allowed to carry his meal or grooming accessories?

Tons of questions keep striking us again and again.

Worry not as we try to solve this quandary in this piece of writing, explaining everything in detail including which flights allow pets in India.

Buckle up as we provide you with a practical list of top pet-friendly airlines from the USA to India.

1. Lufthansa

Lufthansa Airbus

When it comes to luxury air travel, Lufthansa is an ideal inclusion. But are they pet-friendly?

The answer is Yes. Modish airlines offer a premium facility to carry your little furry friends with you. But there is a catch. The age of the animal should be a minimum of 16 weeks. This means that you cant take newborns, no matter how safe you promise to be.

Besides that, the company mentions extra precautions to be taken, as if they really carry about your pets. The owner of the airlines must be having some pets of his own.

This is evident from the guidelines such as needing you to carry dogs or cats in a suitable container to be taken in the passenger cabin.

Animals can be transported in the cargo hold too, given that the container is safe and should not collapse or break during the flight.

There are different policies mentioned for guard dogs as well as in scenarios where the behavior of your pet is unacceptable.

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2. Air India

air indiaIf we carry a discussion about flights from the USA to India, mentioning the pioneers like Air India is quite apparent. To our surprise, the air authority of India, which is known for strict policies, does allow pets travel.

For carrying around your pets through Air India, you need to have proper vaccination certificates and documentation with you.

In case of import or export of pets, a special permission certificate from the Animal Quarantine and certification Certification Services of India is mandatory.

The import or export is only allowed from the airports of Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkatta, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Chennai. Needless to say, only properly crated animals are allowed on Air India flights.

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3. American Airlines

United AirlinesThis might come as a surprise, but the biggest airlines in the world are also the most pet-friendly airlines. American Airlines has gained popularity as a great dog-friendly airline, allowing pets to travel alongside their owners in a crate on the seat itself.

For international flights, the pets are checked properly and kept with cargo ensuring that they are transferred safely.

The price charged by the airlines might be a bit on the higher side, but the care and attention given to the pet are worth all the money.

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4. Jet blue

Jet blueThe air flight company has its distinctive JetPaws program, turning it into dependable pet-friendly airlines. This is the one notable service provided by the airlines, consenting you to travel with ease with your pets.

Specially curated to offer comfort and peace to pet travelers all around the world, Delta has gone the extra mile to offer a good experience to the passengers.

They provide specially made pet-carrying crates. Furthermore, special attention is given to keeping cats calm. The airports feature spaces where pets can enjoy themselves.

Some guidelines to follow through this airline include having not more than 20 pounds of the carrier with you.  The price to be paid for carrying a pet is minimal and cargo and cabin facilities are provided.


Delta airlineDelta airlines are the most lenient on pet travel as compared to other airlines on the list. They are the only airlines that do not impose caps on the weight of the crate in which the pet is carried.

Often regarded as the best cat-friendly airline, Delta has a motto of allowing travelers to enjoy with their pets as much as they can.

The only limitation is that your pet should fit comfortably in the crate. They charge a fixed 125 dollar price to travel with your pet.

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Rules and regulations for carrying pets

There are different rules accompanying you on different airlines. With marginal differences, the main essence of these regulations remains same-to travel safely while keeping your pet safe.

Here is the list of standard procedures for Pet-Friendly Airlines and some exceptions to consider:

  • Most domestic pets like birds, dogs, and cats are permitted on major international airlines. These are checked during the boarding and the regulations and checked with the regulations of the country to where the flight is going.
  • The pet should be carried in a soft and well-ventilated bag or kennel. The size of the bag should not exceed the number 18inch X 18 inches X 12 inches.
  • The weight of the container, as well as the pet together, should not be more than 5 kgs.
  • The pet should be properly leashed with a good and pet-friendly leash
  • The pet is given attention separately and hence, the pet bag is not a part of the allowance given for baggage during travel.
  • The pet you are taking along with should be properly vaccinated. It is advised to carry the documentation and certificates of the rabies vaccination along with you for checking purposes
  • Never forget to carry the entry permits and other documents that allow the transit or entry of the pet into the other country. This is very important if you are traveling from Canada to India or USA to India to the USA.
  • The pets are allowed to travel at the risk of the owner. If the pet is not allowed to enter any country or territory, the airline should not be responsible for the event.
  • The owner will have to regulate all the government customs and health guidelines. He shall also adhere to the quarantine arrangements for the pets at the destination airport.
  • The owner is liable for any type of illness or injury to the pet, in case it occurs during travel.
  • As an owner, you have to make sure that the pet you are carrying is meeting all the requirements of the quarantine. Pets might be taken to quarantine at the arrival which shall be at the owner’s expense. The period of quarantine is decided by the VET authorities at the time and destination of the arrival.
  • In case a trained dog or pet dog is being carried for the assistance of blind or deaf people, there will be no extra charge. Only the normal baggage fee allowance shall be imposed.
  • If you are trying to carry more than one pet, a maximum of 2 will be allowed on the airline. In the case of service dogs, only one is allowed to travel on most airlines.
  • In most airlines, traveling with aggressive breeds of dogs is prohibited. Hybrid dogs or short-muzzled dogs are also to be avoided from travel.
  • One cannot carry female pets with suckling young. Also, the un-earned animals will not be allowed to travel, either in the cabin or as luggage.
  • Weaned puppies and kittens that are below the age of 12 weeks are not allowed to travel on most airlines.
  • A pet should be properly checked by a vet for any type of sickness or infection prior to the day of the travel. In case a pet is found to be sick during boarding, travel will be prohibited.


  • Various countries don’t allow the entry of pets into their territory. For instance, you cannot take pets to London via Air India flights. Pets are not allowed in the cabin and are neigther as baggage.
  • If some flights are crossing through the Middle East, live birds are not allowed to be accompanied or carried in the cabin.
  • Carrying pets or mammals to the UK is not allowed even in the cabin. This is as per the guidelines by the LHR i.e. London Heathrow Airport.
  • If you still want to carry the pets, you will have to go for an Airway bill that is permitted by the LHR authorities. In such a case, the LHR needs to be intimated before the travel journey and official permission is to be looked out for carrying pets to the UK.

Note that while these are the general Pet-Friendly Airlines guidelines, they may differ or there might be some extra rules for different airlines.

Hence, it is always advised to check the rules and regulations of the airline you are traveling through.

You can easily do this during the online booking procedure or by visiting the official website of the airline you are using. You will get a detailed set of rules for traveling with a pet.

Alternatively, you can also call customer care to seek desired info or clear out your queries.

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Summing it up

Traveling by plane might be the safest option for humans. But is it safe for pets?

We don’t know this yet. And for this reason, there are many flights such as Indigo that refrain from allowing pet travel.

This makes the scenario more critical when the flight goes from the USA to India or vice versa. The long travel might make the animal uneasy or disturbed.

On the flip side of the scenario, if you think that your pet is contented with you, traveling with it makes total sense. You might be able to look after its health better rather than leaving it unattended at home.

For many people, taking their pet alone is the last resolute as they have no one to take care of it. For such passengers, pet-friendly flights work like a blessing.

With the hope that more Pet-Friendly Airlines will allow pet travel in the future, we love to ask your opinion about this piece of writing. Don’t forget to give us your reviews in the comments section.

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