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Many travelers love to visit a destination and make it a memory to cherish for their entire life. However, some travelers just could not resist the temptation of traveling the entire world.

For such kinds of holidaymakers, multi-city flights offer cheap and hassle-free operations.

What are multi-city flights?

Multi-city flights are itineraries that help you fly to different cities in one voyage. Unlike the flights offering a there-and-back pattern, multi-city flights follow a straight route covering one city to another.

Such flights are usually taken to cover more than one destination in the world. They can be used as a layover or to visit multiple cities. Some people even use multi-city flights to travel and then arrive at a different airport.

Booking the flight

A multi-city flight might relate you to complicated travel planning. But such is not the case. Thanks to the various online booking portals, one can easily find a ‘multi-city’ travel itinerary and commence the trip.

You can simply book by logging into your favorite booking portal and choosing ‘multi-city’ options from the filter or attribute list. The platform will ask you the dates and the cities you wish to travel to. Fill in the particulars and you are good to go.

When booking multi-city flights, make sure that you are creating the best route and combinations of flights.

For instance, you should book a flight from Egypt to Georgia or Turkey. You should not book flights from New York to Australia and then to LA.

Since the flight will travel between different places in a single reservation, you need to ensure that you are saving as much time as you can.

Types of Multi-City Flights

  • Open Jaw

These are the flights that cover the trip in a pattern that looks like an open jaw or a wide-open mouth on the map. Using these, you can fly to a city without any stops and then another one while coming home.

The best part of these flights is that you can find additional travel itineraries on your way home. Various cheap flights provide such kinds of itineraries.

  • Round-robin

Such types of multi-city flights offer round-the-world scenarios. You can travel from one city to your destination and then to another city. After that, you can travel back home.

You have to fly to each destination and hence, you can cover a round pattern home. The flights are ideal for travelers who wish to stay in a city that comes just before or after their destination.

  • Surface

These multi-city flights contain two legs. The part that joins them is usually covered on the surface. You can fly to a city from your home. You can then rent a car and then go to the next city by surface travel.

After arriving at the next city, you can take up the air flight back home. Such flights are ideal for people who wish to travel to two cities that are relativity closer in distance.

  • Around the world multi-city flights

The flight pattern is similar to a round-robin but it includes traveling abroad. You can book flights from one city in a country to another city in another country and then fly back home.

Such flights are ideal for people who are traveling internationally and want to explore different places in different countries in one go.

Traveling and booking tips

After knowing the types and details about multi-city flights, it is time to check out our essential traveling and booking tips:

  • When booking multi-city flights avoid layovers and opt for stopovers. A stopover is a halt of more than 12 hours. This gives you ample time and opportunity to explore the place while waiting for your next city flight. Many airlines offer stopovers in the capital city of the country which means there is much to explore.
  • Use single stops to save money. It can also help you add destinations and find great deals for your next flight.
  • Look for a single route along with the multi-city option. This can be done by searching for cities that lie in between your route to your destination. Book cities that are not across the oceans or other continents.
  • Look for cheaper stops near the destination. You can opt for stops that cost less than a full round-trip ticket. The approach also gives you the option of exploring the cities near your destination spot.
  • Try to keep the approach as flexible as you can. You can change the timing or travel dates. This can save you a lot of money. You can also look for airports offering cheaper flights and quicker routes.
  • Try to book in advance so that you have the window to change the booking. Booking in advance also brings you cheap flight prices.
  • Search for ideal stops in the second leg of the trip while returning home. Try changing dates and moving the parameters so that you can get the best options. Many travelers love to add an extra stop on their way back home.
  • Booking in the off-season will also save you a lot of time and money. Choose your destinations wisely and try booking on days when festivals are out of the picture.

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Multi-city flights are magical tools for avid travelers. If you wish to explore different places of the world while spending little, multi-city flights are a perfect option. You can also check out discounts and offers provided by various air travel booking websites.

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