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Innovations in the aircraft industry don’t always come with resolute to issues. In fact, they may increase our travel time and reduce comfort. For instance, an increase in the number of seats led to less legroom for passengers.

However, Online Check-in is not one of those innovations. Luckily, the process of checking in online has been a time saver for many.

Let’s get into some details and know more about the process

What is online check-in?

Online check-in is the process of checking in advance of a flight. It is done using the airline’s official website or through the mobile application.

Recently, almost all airlines have allowed their customers to check in online and even monitor their check-in process. Web check-in allows you no waiting time as would be the case during traditional airport check-in.

One can do it from the comfort of the home a day before boarding. If you are wondering about the technicalities of the process, fret not. Online check-in is a simple process and offers various advantages.

How to check-in online

One can start with online check-in by first visiting the website, if using the computer, or logging into the app if using a mobile.

You can then enter details such as booking confirmation numbers or passport numbers if you are traveling from the USA to India or Canada to India or through any other international flight.

After logging in, you can choose the seat you want. You can even look for upgrading the seat by paying a little extra during check-in time. You can also pay any fees, if applicable for the baggage online at this step.

When the check-in process is complete, you need to have a copy of the boarding pass. If you cannot get it printed, you can just have the pdf file on your phone or email.

This is because the print copy needs to be shown at the airport terminal. You can also get the file printed at the airport itself.

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Online Check-in benefits

Passengers are at the receiving end of several benefits from online check-in technology.

Some of these include:

  • Seat selection

When you check-in at the airport, any seat is randomly allotted to you, saying goodbye to your wishes of gathering a favorable one during travel.

Online check-in can help fulfill your wish. It is the only way to choose the desired seats in an airplane for both expensive and cheap flights.

Choosing the right seat is quite imperative, especially for international travelers who may also need to sleep during the flight. If you check in more early, you will have more seat options to choose from.

  • Skipping hefty check-in kiosks at the airport

Airport check-ins come with mandatory steps. These can be avoided using online procedures. You can save a lot of money no matter how large or small the luggage is.

If you are traveling with just baggage in hand, you can straight away head to the security check at the airport. You need not go to the check desk to get the boarding pass printed. You can use your e-ticket to proceed smoothly.

In case you are having a checked bag, you can go for the line saying ‘bag drop only’. Do not go for the queue of ‘bag drop and check-in’.

The former one will offer less rush and will be faster as the airport security staff takes your luggage with no checking time.

  • Money-saving for additional luggage

During online check-in, you can add other luggage to the same reservation. This comes in handy if you decided to bring more luggage and forget to mention it when reserving the ticket.

Online check-in comes to the rescue and helps save money. Additional luggage charges during online check-in are usually cheaper.

You can also use the coupons or discounts the website offers and save more money. This also saves time as compared to the lines at the airport.

  • A better travel experience

When you opt for online check-in, you can increase your travel experience yourself. You can choose seats, pre-order food, look for additional facilities and opt for leisure facilities in the air.

This comes in handy as compared to the expenses you make during the travel. You can even opt for many other options such as booking a car from the airport, booking hotels near the destination, opting for ‘priority booking’, adding travel insurance, choosing food options, and much more.

Deciding on these factors from your home is far more convenient than choosing abruptly during the travel.

Some Tips on Choosing Seats

During online check-in, you are given a proper map of the seats in the particular aircraft you have booked. The number of seats, the naming, and the location are exactly similar to the real pattern.

Here, you can also view the seats that are booked by other passengers. You can also see the seats that are available for booking. Simply click on the seat you want to book and it will be booked. You will get the same seat you chose.

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