Everything You Need To Know Before You Book Flights With Qatar Airways


Being one of the youngest global airlines that serve all the six continents, Qatar Airways has also become the world’s fastest-growing airline.

This airline connects more than 150 destinations every day. Thousands of tourists travel through the flights of Qatar all over the world.

All the tourists travelling Qatar Airways have to follow some rules and regulations when it comes to carrying different items and stuff on the plane.

And, these guidelines are meant to be followed religiously to ensure the safety of the passengers.

There must have been times when as a passenger you did not know much about such restrictions and faced the trouble resulting from the delays or exceeding baggage limits.

To make sure that you avoid such goof ups you must know everything before you book your flights with Qatar Airways.

Following is a detailed account of the most important information related to the Qatar airlines restricted items.

Security check for personal electronic devices for passengers travelling from either UK or USA

At first, all the passengers and their baggage are screened by The Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

If you are travelling from the USA or UK and boarding your flight from Hamad International Airport with personal electronic devices, you must stand by the above instructions-

The US-bound flights

  • Make sure that you pack only those electronic devices into your checked-in baggage that you do not intend to use in the flight.
  • Without delay, all your electronic devices will be enhanced under security screening if you are boarding US-bound flights from Doha.
  • You have to make sure that the electronic devices you are carrying must have sufficient power so that their functionality can be demonstrated if needed. The charging points at the airports are generally limited. So you must ensure that you do not exhaust the power of your electronic devices.
  • Some of the personal electronic devices that may be enhanced include- Radio, DSLR Camera, E-Reader, Laptop, Walkie-Talkie, Water Purifier, Tablet, Monitor, Large Game Console, Drone, CD-ROM, Printer and Scanner, Electric Guitar, etc.

The UK-bound flights

  • The security staff may ask you to turn on certain devices that seem larger than the mobile phones (including tablets, laptops, e-books, etc.) to inspect them at the time of security screening.
  • You have to make sure that the devices you are travelling with have sufficient power so that they can be turned on if anyone wants to inspect them at the time of security screening conducted at the boarding gate.
  • Those devices whose power is exhausted or they can’t be turned on will be placed in a secure location on the aircraft so that you cannot use them on the plane. The security staff will handover the devices to you at the final destination.
  • If you do not have hand baggage or cannot check-in hand baggage with the electronic devices, then the security staff will deposit your devices with Lost and Found. After that, you have to claim your devices on the airline website to get them back.

List of restricted items in hand baggage-

Here is a list of some of Qatar Airlines Restricted Items in hand baggage while travelling-

  • You cannot take stunning devices such as pepper spray, stun guns, animal repellents, etc. in the plane.
  • Firearms, guns and other devices are prohibited in the flight. Examples of such devices are- pellet guns, compressed CO2 and air guns, pistols, signal fires, components of firearms, etc.
  • You are not allowed to keep objects having edges or sharp points. Such objects may include axes, knives, scissors, razor blades, ice picks, etc.
  • Worker tools such as blowtorches, crowbars, drills, nail guns, screwdrivers, etc and blunt instruments such as clubs, baseball bats, batons, hockey sticks, etc. are not allowed inside the plane.
  • Incendiary devices and explosives such as ammunition, fireworks, fuels are also prohibited on the plane.

List of Qatar Airlines Restricted Items in checked-in baggage-

Here is a list of some of the Qatar Airlines Restricted Items in checked-in baggage while travelling with Qatar-

  • Corrosives items are not allowed as checked-in baggage on the plane. These items may have different types. They may include acids, mercury, wet cell batteries or alkalies. Infectious substances such as viruses and bacterias are also included in the corrosives. You cannot even take poisons like weed killers, insecticides, radioactive material with you inside the plane.
  • You cannot take compressed gases with you such as oxygen, butane, propane, etc. on the flight.
  • Organic peroxides and oxidizing materials such as fibreglass repair kits and bleaches are also not allowed as checked-in baggage on Qatar Airways.
  • Flares, fireworks, ammunition, firearms, and Christman crackers types of explosives are prohibited as checked-in baggage.
  • You cannot keep flammable solids and liquids such as paints, heavier or lighter fuel, matches, etc. in checked-in baggage.

Hand baggage allowance in Qatar Airways

  • While travelling with Qatar Airways, the maximum dimensions of the carry-on bags must not increase 50cm x 37cm x 25cm.
  • The weight of the hand baggage for economy class should not be more than 7 kg. The same for first class and business class is 15 kg.
  • You will be allowed to carry one handbag and one personal item that may include waller, purse or briefcase as your hand baggage.
  • In case, if you are travelling with excess baggage, you have to pay up to $70 per item, and it depends on the route as well.

Checked-in baggage allowance in Qatar Airways

Flights to/from Brazil, Canada, Argentina, and the USA-

  • 158 cm (length + width + height) is the maximum dimensions of the baggage allowed in checked-in baggage.
  • The weight of the bags must be less than or equal to 23 kg.
  • You can take up to 2 items of hold luggage. The cost of the hold luggage is free.

Flights from Doha, Africa, Casablanca-

  • 300 cm (length + width + height) is the maximum dimensions of the baggage allowed as checked-in baggage.
  • The baggage must not increase 45 kg of weight.
  • There is no limit on the number of bags on other routes.
  • In case of any additional baggage, you have to pay from $12 to $55. The payment will be accepted online.

Flights to all other destinations-

  • The maximum dimension of the hand baggage must not increase 300 cm (length + width + height).
  • 30 kg is the maximum weight allowed for the bags.
  • In case of any additional baggage, you have to pay $15 to $70. The payment will be accepted at the airport only.

Restrictions on special baggage items

Driving equipment- If you are carrying air and gas cylinders, make sure that it must be empty. In case of travelling with knives and underwater torches, they must be adequately packed.

Wheelchairs- You are allowed to carry your own wheelchair, and it is free of charge.

Golf equipment- Gold equipment are allowed to be carried as checked-in baggage item.

Musical instruments- The maximum weight and length of the device must not increase 75 kg and 120 cm, respectively. You have to buy tickets if you are travelling with any fragile item in the cabin.

Bicycles- You are allowed to carry bicycles as checked-in baggage. The bicycle must be packed in a cardboard box. Make sure to remove the pedals, and turn the handlebars so that the bicycle can be turned into required dimensions.

Fishing equipment- You are allowed to carry nets, rods, tackle boxes, and other bulky equipment as checked-in baggage.

Certain items are not allowed to be carried on the flight, but in case, you want to carry them anyhow, you have to take permissions from the Qatar Airlines.

Here are some of those restricted items- mercury, chemicals, paint, gas cylinders, household goods, ammunition, ammunition parts, household cleaners, drilling equipment, aerosol cans, etc.

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We hope the list about Qatar airlines restricted items gave you enough information on travelling with Qatar Airways. To get any fares related assistance, Contact Surffares Support

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